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Persons, who access the publicized information on the website of the Fine Art Invest Fund ("FAIF") in the world wide web ("FAIF Website"), declare their agreement with the following terms and conditons:



General Information

This website (hereafter referred to as "Fine Art Invest Fund (FAIF)-website") belongs to KMS Fine Art Group AG (hereafter referred to as "KMS"), a company based in Switzerland. The sole purpose of the FAIF website is to provide information. Although KMS takes all reasonable care to ensure that the information on this website is correct at the time of publication, it makes no representation or warranty (including liability towards third parties), express or implied, regarding the correctness, reliability or completeness of the information provided. The information provided on the FAIF website may be modified at any time without prior notice. The posting of any information on the website should not be understood to imply that there has not been any change in the affairs since the date on which the information was filed with the relevant regulatory authority or published or that the information is accurate at any time subsequent to the date on which it was published. By accessing the FAIF website or using any information provided on this website (for personal use or for third parties), you signify your agreement to the terms of use below.

This disclaimer may be updated at any time. Therefore, KMS advises you to read through this disclaimer regularly to ensure that you are informed of any changes. The date on which this disclaimer was last updated is given below.


Use of the FAIF Website

The entire content of the FAIF website is subject to copyright with all rights reserved by KMS or by the suppliers of the corresponding investment funds. You may save or print out a hard copy of individual pages and/or sections of the FAIF website provided that you do not remove any copyright or other proprietary notices. With any saving or otherwise copying from the FAIF website, the terms and conditions for use shall be deemed to have been accepted. All property rights shall remain with KMS or with the suppliers of the corresponding investment funds. You may not reproduce (in whole or in part), transmit (by electronic means or otherwise), modify, link to or use for any public or commercial purpose the FAIF website without the prior written permission of KMS.


No Offer

KMS provides access to the information and documents available through the FAIF website for personal use and information only. The information and documents may be modified at any time without prior notice. KMS makes no representation, express or implied, that the information and documents published on the FAIF website are accurate, complete or up to date. In particular, KMS shall not be obliged to remove any outdated information from the FAIF website or to expressly mark it as being outdated.

Nothing contained on the FAIF website constitutes financial, legal, tax or other advice, nor should any investment or any other decisions be made solely based on the FAIF website content. Investments in any of the investment instruments described on the FAIF website should only be made after carefully studying the corresponding fund prospectus, regulations and annual or semi-annual report including all the legal information therein. You should obtain advice from a qualified expert before making any investment decision.

No information published on this website constitutes an offer, a request or a recommendation to buy or sell any investment instruments or to conclude any other transactions or any legal act whatsoever.


No Warranty

There is no warranty, neither explicit nor implicit, for the accuracy of the information and opinions publicized on the FAIF website


Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances, including recklessness under any circumstances, shall KMS be held liable for any direct, indirect or consequential losses or damages whatsoever resulting from use of or in conjunction with the fund information or documents, from access to, use of, services of or inquiries to the KMS website or from links to third-party websites, even if KMS had been made aware of the possibility of such damage.


Some links on the FAIF website lead to third-party websites, which are completely beyond the control of KMS. Accordingly, KMS does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or legality of the contents of such websites, or for any offers and services contained.


Material Interests

KMS and/or its boards of directors, executive management and employees may have or have had interests in the listed investment instruments or have or have had positions in the relevant securities. Furthermore, such entities or persons may have or have had a relationship with or may provide or have provided other services to or serve or have served as directors of relevant fund providers or companies.



The future performance of an investment cannot be deduced from previous market value, i.e. the value of an investment may fall as well as rise. Therefore, good performance in the past does not guarantee good performance in the future. Value retention of the invested capital cannot be guaranteed as it may, for example, also fluctuate in value as a result of changes in currency exchange rates.


Local Legal Restrictions

The FAIF website contains information and documents regarding the Fine Art Invest Fund and is not directed to any person in any jurisdiction where (by reason of that person's nationality, tax residence or otherwise) the publication or availability of the FAIF website is prohibited. Persons in respect of whom such prohibitions apply must not access the FAIF website. Fund information and documents are provided either by KMS or by the fund provider. If the information and documents are published on the FAIF website by KMS, then KMS will rely on the information provided by the fund provider regarding distribution licences for the investment instrument. KMS does not guarantee the accuracy of distribution authorisation information and can therefore not be made liable for incorrect data/information. If the information and documents are uploaded to the FAIF website directly by the fund provider, the fund provider shall be responsible for obtaining the necessary distribution licences.


Investor profile

When accessing the FAIF website for the first time, users are asked to specify their investor profile. The investment fund information and documents provided thereafter are intended exclusively for users with the specified investor profile. Selecting the wrong investor profile may result in access to information and documents relating to investment funds to which the user is not authorized to access. The user is obligated to select the correct investor profile. Loubna shall not be held liable for any damages or activities suffered by the user as a result of selecting the wrong investor profile.

The pages designated for the use of the qualified investor, in the sense of Article 10, Paragraphs 3 and 4 of the Law Governing Collective Capital Investments (KAG), are offered exclusively to such investors and may not be publicly sold in Switzerland.

Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction is Zurich, Switzerland


This disclaimer was last updated on 12.12.2014.





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